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What is customer journey mapping?

​ Customer journey mapping serves as a critical exercise for teams dedicated to improving...


FinServ usability testing

​Financial service organizations face unique challenges when conducting user research, from strict regulations and...


Investing in UX research

If you’re a UX practitioner, you clearly understand the value of what you do...


20 questions product managers should ask their customers

Product managers work across multiple teams, constantly meeting with engineers and designers—leaving less than...


What is an ethnographic study?

Ethnography is a qualitative study of social interactions, behaviors, and perceptions within groups, teams...


11 product discovery techniques to help your team succeed

Product discovery is an essential phase in the product development cycle that allows you...


A/B test your mobile apps and websites for quick UX wins

Every product designer or developer needs A/B testing in their toolkit, including those who...


Omnichannel vs. multichannel testing

In the UX industry, terms like omnichannel and multichannel are often used. However, describing...


Contextual inquiry: A comprehensive guide

Contextual inquiry in the user experience Contextual inquiry is a valuable tool in your...