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July 2023 product release

Harness the power of collaboration and human insight to better align teams around customer needs

Keeping customers at the center of your organization can be challenging. As multiple teams work to quickly design and build products and experiences that meet evolving customer needs, they need a way to collaborate seamlessly in real-time. 

UserTesting is here to help. With our latest market release, we’re excited to launch new features that allow you to inform more business decisions and boost your organization’s understanding of customers by bringing insights into your existing tools and solutions and capturing and sharing insights easily.

With this release, make collaboration more effective across a variety of popular tools so your teams can stay focused on your customers. Easily capture and share what your customers think through testing, recruitment, and presentation with new platform enhancements. 

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Inform more business decisions by bringing customer insights into the tools and solutions you use daily.

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Bring human insights directly to the collaboration process by sharing UserTesting videos, clips, and highlight reels.

FigJam, Miro, and InVision integration: Embed video-based customer feedback. Watch it with your team in FigJam, Miro, and InVision’s collaborative tools to spark ideas and drive customer-centric decision-making.

Jira Product Discovery integration: Support product discovery, ideation, and prioritization by adding direct customer feedback videos in Jira Product Discovery.

Contentsquare integration: Learn why users are taking certain actions by viewing behavioral patterns on your website with Contentsquare and investigating directly with customers through UserTesting.

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