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July 2024 product release

Save time with enhanced, AI-powered surveys and easy insight-sharing, fostering collaboration at every stage of product development.

UserTesting's July 2024 product release enhances AI-powered survey capabilities with innovations that offer greater flexibility, improved audience targeting, increased efficiency, and streamlined sharing of insights throughout product development.

Enhance the depth and relevance of insights collected with AI-powered surveys

Survey branching logic enables teams to get more thoughtful and relevant feedback. These dynamic surveys engage users by adapting questions based on their responses, providing teams with higher-quality results with less time spent filtering out irrelevant or redundant data.

Enhancing your survey with image and matrix tasks results in contextually appropriate questions that are clear and engaging, offering multiple ways to provide feedback that increase the depth of the insights collected.

July 2024 product release feature, matrix questions

Drive efficiencies early in product development to improve decision-making across teams. 

The management of tagged insights streamlines the collaboration process across teams—allowing alignment to be more efficient while reducing the time and effort spent searching for insights.

Stay aligned with your product, design, and research teams by sharing customer videos, clips, and highlight reels with the Confluence whiteboards integration

July 2024 product release feature, enterprise sharing capabilities-confluence whiteboard integration

Ensure more accurate targeting and higher-quality insights from AI-powered surveys.

Screener guidance helps teams improve survey targeting with suggestions to make screener questions more effective. 

July 2024 product release feature, AI survey enhancements

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