Metaverse and virtual reality

Create the best, most immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences in any metaverse
virtual reality

Pre-built templates are helpful if you are just starting to expand to Facebook’s metaverse (Meta's Horizon Worlds), or want to better understand how products and services show up in any metaverse, what those users value in those experiences, and how those users prefer and expect to transact in this emerging environment. Designed by research experts, UserTesting templates provide out-of-the-box sample questions that can be used as-is or customized to fit an organization’s exact testing requirements. 

Metaverse and VR templates enable companies building games, products, services, and other VR experiences to obtain rapid feedback in the form of video recordings from contributors that have opted-in to share their perspectives and experiences as they execute a pre-built series of tasks and instructions online.

Use these templates to:

  • Understand what target audiences want and expect from a VR app/metaverse experience
  • Witness a target audience’s first impressions and reactions to the environments characters, and other app elements featured in early VR/metaverse concepts
  • See and hear what target audiences really think while they engage with a live VR app/metaverse
  • Understand if a VR app store listing resonates with target customers and spot opportunities to improve

Create the best, most immersive experiences for games, products, services, and other VR experiences in any metaverse...