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Drive results by innovating and optimizing the travel experience for your customers

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Empowering travel and hospitality organizations to succeed

In the past year, there has been a notable recovery in the travel and hospitality industry. The demand for travel is surpassing initial expectations, with both leisure and business travel showing resilience. Consequently, as the demand for travel continues to rise, so too do the expectations of travelers. 

UserTesting helps travel and hospitality organizations connect with customer expectations, deliver better experiences, and make insights-driven business decisions.

Forrest Wave 2023

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Skyscanner + UserTesting

See how human insight helped Skyscanner adapt to uncertainty in a changing world

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Expedia group

See how Expedia Group saves over seven figures a year with fast customer feedback

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Costco Travel + UserTesting

Learn how testing with potential customers helped Costco Travel build a better online booking experience

Adapt and differentiate with UserTesting

How travel and hospitality organizations leverage UserTesting

  • Deliver a value-driven strategy by understanding the why behind your customer needs and preferences
  • Tap into human insight to deliver a seamless experience for your customers while reducing cost
  • Differentiate your organization from your competitors using the power of customer insight
  • Keep your customers at the heart of all your key business decisions through human insight
Travel and hospitality

Hear from your travelers, no experience required

Get started quickly with UserTesting test templates to validate concepts, discover needs, and hear your travelers’ thoughts on your experiences and services

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    Customer environment and context

    Gain a deeper understanding of a customer’s environment—and how your product fits in

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    Competitive comparison

    Learn how customers feel about competitors and where you need an edge

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    Customer journey templates and resources

    Understand how customers engage with your brand or products across multiple touchpoints

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