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Competitive comparison

Learn how customers feel about competitors and where you need an edge
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What you'll learn

1. Who your competition really is, whether you’re looking to validate your guesses or are even curious about who else is out there

2. How to test experiences other than your own, so you can adapt and work your way into a customer journey you may not be a part of

3. How to save time, money, and resources on unnecessary development by testing what works and doesn’t work on your competitor’s existing app, product, or experience

4. How to compete with a new product or feature that your competitor has launched, and test it to ensure there’s really a demand for it in the market

Hear from our customers

When early testing revealed Costco Travel's initial prototype for a new travel experience didn’t resonate well with customers, they turned to UserTesting to understand how they compared with competitors. 

The insight gained helped them refine their prototype and successfully launch, increasing customer-curated travel bookings and decreasing support calls by 82%.


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Forrester: UserTesting delivers a 665% ROI over three years

A recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study, conducted by Forrester on behalf of UserTesting, illustrates how organizations using the UserTesting Human Insight Platform can realize $2.03M in value and 665% in ROI over a three-year period.

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