Customer journey

Understand how customers engage with your brand or products across multiple touchpoints
customer journey

Use this template to:

  • Assess customer attributes that may help you build a more personalized experience

  • Understand your customers’ habits and behaviors to define how they complete everyday tasks

  • Understand your customers' go-to devices and processes for completing everyday tasks

  • Define barriers and points of frustration during (and after) completing a specific task

  • Uncover potential areas of improvement for your experience

Evaluate the customer journey and define pain points that affect your customers to help prioritize new optimization efforts. Uncover the critical interactions that need to be improved while learning if there are any quick wins you can achieve by making a small interface tweak. 

We recommend sharing your insights with other teams within your company to build a broader sense of awareness of what it's really like to be your customer. It’ll get everyone thinking about creating a better experience for your users, and it’ll put you well on your way to becoming a truly customer-centric company.