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UserTesting Services

We do the legwork, you get the results. Fast.

Get all of the value of user research without any of the hassle. Our Pro plans give you access to our
team of friendly research experts who are here to help you reach your goals.

Lean on our expert research team

Whether you want to learn more about your website or app, secret prototype, or
your competition, our team of expert researchers is here to help.

The research team is here to help with things like:
  • Planning, creating and managing tests
  • Long term research roadmapping
  • Moderating tests
  • Annotating videos
  • Watching your videos to identify key findings
  • Geeking out about research
  • Creating presentations to help you share your research

Dedicated project managers

Our Pro plans come with a dedicated project manager who is ready to help you
reach your goals.

Your project manager is here to help with things like:
  • Advanced recruiting
  • Demonstrating product features
  • Administering NDAs
  • Long term research roadmapping
  • Scheduling moderated tests
  • Coordinating complex studies

The level of support you need

Our team is here to help you as much (or as little) as you need. We can:

  • Create and analyze every test
  • Help out from time to time
  • Or just get out of the way and let you do it all on your own.