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Panera Bread + UserTesting

See how Panera Bread cooked up a new catering website to earn an 18% increase in revenue per visit 

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  • 18%
    Year-over-year increase in revenue per visit
  • 9%
    Year-over-year increase in conversion
  • Joy
    A catering website that customers love
Studying guest perceptions helps our profitability in a way that we are able to focus our resources and our efforts in the right place, which is going to deliver higher impact.
Meenakshi Nagarajan
Meenakshi Nagarajan Chief Digital Officer, Panera Bread
Hearing from customers directly allows us to get outside of our own biases. It allows us to have a different perspective than we're ever going to get from just our own expert insight and analysis.
Matthew Mahoney
Matthew Mahoney Vice President, Digital Experience, Panera Bread
Using the AI Insight Summary is like having a dedicated UX researcher on our team who gives me an instant overview of the user experience. It’s an extra set of eyes that points me to high-friction areas and steers us toward opportunities without requiring me to watch hours of videos.
Andy Parquette
Andy Parquette Lead UX Designer, Panera Bread
The catering website had not been touched in quite a while. So we looked to our customers and to UserTesting to help us to find that roadmap of where specifically we wanted to go.
Pavithra Counsell
Pavithra Counsell Director of UX, Panera Bread
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