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In today's fiercely competitive landscape, media and entertainment organizations face mounting challenges to deliver new value to customers. The emergence of subscription fatigue and inflation contribute to customer churn as consumers increasingly feel they’re paying more for less. Media and entertainment organizations are shifting their focus to customer retention and enhancing the overall customer experience.

UserTesting helps organizations capture insights to optimize their customer experience by understanding pain points, accelerating innovation, and staying ahead of the competition. Make every decision with feedback and insights from customers. By leveraging feedback and insights, get a better understanding the customer journey  and stay one step ahead in the race for subscribers.

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Innovate and grow by putting subscribers and customers at the center of decision-making

Customer story

Deezer + UserTesting

Check out how the music streaming service developed the Flow Moods AI function, generating mood-based playlists for millions of customers

Customer story

Fandango + UserTesting

See how Fandango draws a crowd of moviegoers to their VIP+ app and rewards program

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How NBCUniversal improves experiences across its digital platforms, channels, and brands

Adapt and differentiate with UserTesting

How media and entertainment organizations leverage UserTesting

  • Capture competitive intelligence to stay ahead

  • Use real human insight to understand the why behind your customers’ decisions

  • Watch real people engage with your products and experiences to get a vivid understanding of what it’s like to be your customer 

  • Unleash the power of fast, qualitative feedback to meet changing consumer needs

  • Reduce business risk by validating concepts and designs with customers before you invest

Hear from your subscribers and audiences, no experience required

Get started quickly with UserTesting test templates to validate concepts, discover needs, and hear your customers’ thoughts on your experiences and services.

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    Competitive comparison

    Learn how customers feel about competitors and where you need an edge

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    Concept validation and testing

    Get candid feedback or validation to help evaluate a new concept or idea

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    Customer journey templates and resources

    Understand how customers engage with your brand or products across multiple touchpoints

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UserTesting use case guidebook


UserTesting use case guidebook