Concept validation

Get candid feedback to help validate a new concept or idea
Concept validation

Use this template to:

  • Learn if your product idea actually solves a real problem

  • Evaluate if there's already a product or solution in the market that meets your customers' needs

  • Learn how people react to an idea for a product or service and if they will buy your product vs. the competition

  • Ensure product-market fit

Concept testing is defined as a method of research that involves getting feedback from customer segments—that make up your target market—in order to validate your proof of concept before actually launching it. 

Whether it’s a physical product or a digital experience, you’re more likely to meet—and exceed—customer expectations if you consider customer perspectives throughout the development process—from concept testing to delivery. That way, in every step of the process, you’re creating solutions and experiences that match what your customers are seeking.