Audience Services

Gain a fresh perspective from hard-to-reach users—selected for your business needs

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Connect with unique audiences to propel your business goals

UserTesting provides audience services to help teams capture critical insights from unique and hard-to-reach audiences. Understand your target audience’s needs and identify opportunities to develop solutions that propel your business goals.

Save time finding hard-to-reach audiences

Spend more time focusing on feedback and less time recruiting harder-to-find audiences. Our team of skilled recruitment professionals helps you connect with your target audience to ensure you get the insights you need. 

Reach more unique audiences

Our team has successfully recruited many B2B profiles across industries as well as niche consumer audiences. Connect with electric vehicle owners, physicians, data scientists, luxury brand shoppers, and more. 

Automotive industry

Capture quality insights

Our team of recruiters will tap into over 40 of our trusted Partner Networks to find niche audiences. Each partner is fully vetted to ensure you receive high-caliber feedback.

Leverage over 200 cumulative years of UX expertise

Let our team of experts surface, analyze, and deliver the insights you need to improve your product, service, and brand experiences.