Build a common understanding of your customers

Empower your entire organization to make great business decisions based on a common understanding of your customers. Easily share UserTesting highlight reels, feedback, and insights with anyone to ensure your customers are heard at every step of your product’s lifecycle. 

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Video highlight reels

Surface key moments of insight quickly with automatic or curated highlight reels and clips that can easily be shared with anyone. Build empathy for your customers’ experiences so teams can design, build, and optimize market-leading experiences with confidence.

Video highlight reels

Supercharge your product development process

Through UserTesting’s integrations with tools like Figma, Jira, Canva, Miro, and more, organizations can supercharge their product development process with easily embeddable UserTesting videos, clips, and highlight reels. Extend insights across cross-functional teams by enabling teammates to access diverse perspectives in the platforms they use the most.  

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All your insights in one place

Centralize experience research findings in EnjoyHQ and share customer findings more broadly across your teams, maintain a holistic view of your customers, and prevent loss of institutional knowledge. Getting fast access to customer insights is now easier than ever.

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Integrate insights at the speed of business

Sharing insights seamlessly into existing workflows is easier than ever. Get insights into the hands of those who need them by sharing videos, insights, and other UserTesting updates directly with stakeholders using UserTesting integrations with Microsoft Teams or Slack

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Enterprise-grade solutions

UserTesting can grow with your team. Our enterprise features like workspace management, approval flows with reviews, capacity governance, saved audiences and templates, and SSO  help manage the platform across multiple teams and users. 

Faster access to contextually rich customer insights with UserTesting

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