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Learn about the power of human insight Learn about the power of human insight Learn about the power of human insight Connect the dots between what people think, feel, say, and do.   Learn about the power of human insight    Connect the dots between what people think, feel, say, and do. Learn about the power of human insight Learn about the power of human insight Learn about the power of human insight

You’re in Good Company

Join us in empowering companies with breakthrough
perspectives, so they can deliver exceptional experiences.


You’re in Good Company

What we are creating is a window—to help organizations see the world from another point
of view—a way to feel what others are feeling.

At UserTesting, we believe empathy is a core component of who we are and how we work,
driving us to hold ourselves accountable and ensure we can see and experience things
from other people's perspectives.

We’re leading a movement for empathy. This means shifting from only seeing
business-as-numbers to seeing business for people. This empowers us to bring our
authentic self to work every day and it’s what drives every single person at UserTesting.

What we believe

When you are a part of UserTesting, you are a part of a global family; we look out for each other and support one another, in order to do the best work of our lives—together. As a company, these are the values that we stand behind and guide us as we work.

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Get better

We embrace both to continuously learn, evolve, and grow as a team.

Drive results

Drive results

Excellence from each of us is required for our shared success. We‘re focused on results and work with a sense of ownership and urgency.

Customer first

Customers first

Our most important job is to help our customers be successful. We’re detail-oriented and earn their trust through our expertise, integrity, and reliability.

Be kind

Be kind

Being kind makes us stronger. We’re humble, authentic, and treat each other with respect. We’re trusting and always assume positive intent.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Simple doesn’t equal easy. We’re intentional and focused—we believe in quality over quantity. We reduce ideas and solutions to their most seamless, elegant options.

Building a culture
of empathy

At UserTesting, we believe productivity and purpose comes when a company can express true empathy for its customers and employees. We believe that in order to bring that practice to life it must be the foundation of our ethos. To empower our employees to do their best work, we offer them an exceptional experience: a positive culture, fantastic career growth and opportunities, lots of social interaction, wealth-building compensation, and targeted benefits.

Building a culture of empathy

We’ve got your back

When you join UserTesting we ensure that you and your family can thrive together. We
believe that starts with these three key areas.

Exceptional healthcare

Exceptional healthcare

Our employees' well-being starts with having access to essential benefits that help cover your fundamental needs and those of your loved ones.


Our wellness packages are designed to cover an array of needs so that you can be your best self and feel good while doing it. All employees have access to a monthly wellness reimbursement, healthcare, on-demand coaching, wellness Wednesday activities, and more.


Things come up, we all have different needs, and sometimes we just need time to unplug and recharge. We believe in providing our employees with generous time off, holidays, and flexible work-life integration.

Meet the UserTesting Team

Hear from some of our teammates about their UserTesting experience—what they’ve
learned, how they stay motivated and do great work!

Meet the UsertTesting Team
 UsertTesting Team
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging at UserTesting

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging at UserTesting

We know that people genuinely thrive and do their best work when they can be themselves and are supported—we also know this looks different for us. To ensure that happens, our culture must be inclusive, equitable, and free of bias. And to make a real systemic change, we must hold ourselves accountable and match our commitments with action.

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Where we work

San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Edinburgh, Singapore
and remote in select cities across the globe.

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Thanks to the feedback and reviews from our employees over the years, we’ve been lucky to be named a great place to work by: