Instant access to insights with AI and data analytics

Analysis is a critical yet labor-intensive part of building a common understanding of customers. Our AI-powered analytics and data visualizations instantly translate raw results into actionable insights to speed up your decision-making.

insights with AI and data analytics

Faster analysis with AI

Instantly identify key insights from verbal tasks or open-ended survey questions. The AI Insight Summary and AI themes for surveys point you to trends, patterns, and focus areas while freeing you up from manual analysis. AI-generated results point to source videos and raw responses so you have evidence-backed insights to inform decisions. 

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Video insights from real people

Capture and analyze real-world interactions, facial expressions, and nuanced, unspoken insights with the embedded video player. It automatically generates transcriptions that can be highlighted and easily converted to highlight reels that can be shared with your stakeholders. 

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Interactive visualizations

Data visualizations, including click paths, sentiment analysis, and keyword maps, bring together various types of data to paint a comprehensive picture of what your participants said, what they did, and how they were feeling. 

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Measurable output

Whether you want to see the breakdown of multiple choice and rating scale questions, the count of participants who viewed a specific screen, or which AI-generated themes had the highest number of mentions, our metrics will give you the data and the context you need to make fast, informed decisions.

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Pinpoint friction in user experiences

Automatically detect points in the workflow where users are encountering issues or are expressing frustration. Our system analyzes behaviors like rage-clicking or repetitive scrolling and cross-references them with verbally expressed frustrations to identify customer pain points. 

Pinpoint friction in user experiences

Connect the what to the why

Access rich insights from live interviews and think-out-loud tests and validate your findings with survey data to support your recommendations. Get the analytics you need to quickly generate a report for a tree test, validate the information architecture, or generate actionable insights from your surveys—all from a single platform. 

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Integrating customer insights across the organization

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Product and UX

Problem definition ● Customer discovery ● Feature prioritization ● Usability testing

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Website testing ● Customer journey mapping ● Messaging and positioning ● Campaign validation

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Opportunity identification ● Benchmarking ● Internal implementation ● Risk mitigation

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Access to contextually rich customer insights with UserTesting

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