Introducing AI Insight Summary

Posted on August 29, 2023
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  • The AI Insight Summary generates powerful insights on-demand for faster analysis by leveraging AI to automatically summarize key learnings and identify important moments in verbal and behavioral data.
  • A patented data architecture processes multiple data streams to uncover patterns in what participants say and do.
  • The feature is designed to be interactive so customers can drill down, learn more, and do further analysis.
  • AI-generated results point to source videos for deeper insights and summary verification.

In today’s climate, many of us have to do more with less. This is especially true for teams responsible for product and experience research. On one hand, organizations strive to build a competitive advantage by shipping more products and experiences while testing more frequently to de-risk their investments. On the other hand, they’re keeping headcounts modest to stay resilient in today’s marketplace. At UserTesting, we’re focused on developing AI and machine learning (ML)-enabled solutions that make every stage of the research process more efficient so that researchers can uncover key insights faster and prioritize work with the highest business value.  

Announcing UserTesting's AI Insight Summary

Today, at UserTesting’s Human Insight Summit, we launched the AI Insight Summary in beta. The AI Insight Summary streamlines the research process by leveraging large language models (LLMs) to quickly uncover key insights from verbal and behavioral data, saving researchers valuable time and resources. 

AI Insight Summary quickly generates a summary of what the participants did, what they said, what intent and sentiments they expressed, and when those reactions happened within the experience. It allows customers to see if their product delivers a positive experience and pinpoint friction points that need to be addressed. For example, AI Insight Summary can show how many participants successfully completed a purchase, how many expressed frustration during checkout, and if site components such as images and guides helped guide the experience. The interactive nature of the feature allows customers to drill down and quickly understand the why behind these actions and sentiments. 

Analyze verbal and behavioral data

AI Insight Summary doesn’t just convert text into summaries. Session data gets processed through UserTesting’s patented data architecture to identify things a participant may not have said out loud in a video. The feature uniquely processes multiple types of data streams—verbal, design, and behavioral. This data is then uniquely converted to behavioral transcripts to identify patterns, anomalies, and noteworthy findings from multiple sessions. By generating the AI Insight Summary as a first step, you can quickly see key themes, know where to focus, and get a head start on writing your reports. 

Drill down and interact with insights

We designed the summary to be interactive because the research work doesn’t end there. Customers can drill down into each AI-generated insight summary to learn more, understand the why behind the behaviors and responses, and drill down to access the source video for further analysis. 

Get proof points for AI-generated insights

Don’t trust AI-generated insights yet? This unique feature allows you to trace every generated insight back to the sources so that teams can quickly verify the auto-generated insights and have proof to back their recommendations. 

Using AI Insight Summary

Generate a summary by hitting the “generate summary” button within the Metrics tab. 

The resulting insight summary shows that the selected participant could navigate to the website and add the items to their cart. They expressed positive sentiments on the site design and product recommendations but expressed confusion with the site interface before checking out. As mentioned, the feature enables you to jump to the interactive path flow to see exactly where in the workflow these events occurred.

The insight summary uniquely points each AI-generated insight to relevant points in the video, allowing customers to view the proof points for each insight. Each video thumbnail also shows an AI-generated summary of what was captured in each video segment.

The new AI Insight Summary is one of many features under the UserTesting AI offering. It’s the latest release in our ongoing effort to leverage AI in a way that offloads repetitive tasks and connects customers to their own customer insights even faster. Our team will continue to explore new ways to leverage emerging AI and machine learning technologies to help our customers do their best work. Stay tuned for more exciting AI updates. 

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