Instantly access your own audiences with the seamless recorder for Invite Network

By Amy Wigdahl | January 19, 2022
Woman using seamless recorder for Invite Network

Getting feedback from your target audience (whoever they might be) should be easy. Some might say as easy as the click of a button. And we agree. Today, we’ve made it possible for you to get feedback even faster from more audiences through our seamless recorder for Invite Network (formerly known as My Recruit).

Introducing seamless recorder for Invite Network

For those unfamiliar, Invite Network gives you the ability to reach out to unique audiences, whether that’s within your own database of customers or partners, for example, or with anyone else within your own network. 

With much anticipation, Invite Network now utilizes our seamless desktop recorder and enables your contributors to start giving feedback with the click of a link—making it easier for anyone to start taking tests on the UserTesting platform.

All you have to do is simply send a test link to anyone through email, social, or any other communication channels—your choice. From there, contributors can provide feedback instantly without downloading any extensions, plugins, or software. This means you can tap into insights from more employees, existing customers, industry experts, and people within unique demographics faster and easier than ever before.

I work in an industry where time is money—it's hard to prioritize qualitative insights because the process is time-consuming. But everyone at our organization still needs to know what users want and feel. 

UserTesting has enabled us to incorporate client feedback into our process. Invite Network saves us much time, and now with the addition of the Seamless recorder, we can reach even more of our stakeholders—making it so easy for them to participate and give their perspectives.” -B. Sanborn, Design Research Leader, DLR Group

Access feedback from more customers, partners, and employees

As previously mentioned, the seamless recorder removes any technical hurdles that may have prevented some of your audiences from providing valuable feedback in the past. Since the recorder doesn't require your audiences to download any external software, targeting anyone with security or technical restrictions is not only possible but easy. This means you can access more audiences to accelerate your decision-making.

Here are some of the unique audiences you can capture feedback from:

Business customers

Capture feedback from your business customers and contributors in corporate environments without worry since our new seamless recorder for Invite Network permits you to reach audiences behind corporate firewalls.

Employees and internal partners

Generate employee engagement through internal testing by quickly soliciting feedback from employees, partners, and other internal audiences without security blockers.

Less technical audiences

Collect feedback from less tech-savvy users. Contributors are now only required to click on a link and start giving feedback—it’s that easy!

Getting the most out of Invite Network with the seamless recorder

The seamless recorder makes the process of providing feedback even easier. With just a click of a link, your contributors will automatically be able to start giving feedback without even leaving their browser, opening up even more feedback opportunities. 

  1. Intercept users for feedback in real-time by generating a test link and adding it to any in-product messaging tools, live chat software, or anywhere else you can embed a link.
  2. Capture feedback on internal tools and early designs by sharing a link with employees and partners.  
  3. Collect feedback on special experiences by emailing a test link to users for one-time events like creating gift registries. 

How does the seamless recorder for Invite Network work?

It’s really quite simple. The seamless recorder utilizes a new tab structure allowing contributors one tab for the tasks and another tab for the testing asset. Testing prompts will never block testing assets. Check out the video below to see this tab structure in action.

It’s also worth mentioning that the recorder is compatible with the four most commonly used web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

And if you’d like to learn more about seamless recorder for Invite Network, contact your account team or reach out to us here.

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