EnjoyHQ Users and Permissions

EnjoyHQ users (or as we call them: team members) can be assigned three permission levels, or roles.

You can invite users to your account by going to Your team in the user menu, and clicking + Invite new user.


Here you will specify:

  1. Full name
  2. Email
  3. Their desired role



Can manage any aspect of the workspace they are an Admin for. They can invite other users and change their permissions (excluding owners). Administrators can create and manage rules, create and manage the workspace taxonomy, and access the Integrations section but only for the workspaces they are an Admin for.


Collaborators can manage projects, search through feedback, and use the existing taxonomy specified by Owners and Admins. They cannot create or manage: rules, templates, Integrations or create new tags and properties. Additionally, collaborators cannot manage other users (invite, change roles etc).


The Read-only role is the default permission level when inviting new users. When a new user signs-in via Single Sign-on or uses the Magic Link they'll be added with Read-only permissions. Read-only users have a reduced set of options in their global navigation.


The options available are:

  1. Homepage
  2. Projects page
  3. Stories page
  4. Shared with me
  5. Notifications
  6. User menu

What Read-only users can see and do:

  • Browse and search the Project page.
  • Read and comment on the sections inside Projects that have been made available by the Owner or Admin and Collaborator users (read more here). The Project Report is always available to Read-only users.


  • If the sections have been made available to Read-only users, inside a Project they can:
    • Read and comment on Project plans
    • Browse and search the Data section
    • Comment on Highlights in the Data section
    • Browse the Analysis section of Projects


What Owners, Admins, and Collaborators can share/restrict project sections with Read-only users

Remember: The Project Report section is always available to Read-only users by default

  • They can browse, search, and comment on published Stories and Featured Reports in the Stories page. (They can view archived Stories if they have been @mentioned in a comment).
  • Browse the documents, highlights and dashboards that have been shared directly with them by Owners, Collaborators and Admins in the "Shared with me" section.
  • Switch between the accounts and workspaces they have access to.

What Read-only users cannot see or do:

  • Read-only users do not have access to the Search page in the global navigation.
  • Therefore they cannot search data that hasn't been specifically been made available to them or shared with them directly. They can only search data from inside a project if that section has been made available (see above).
  • They cannot access or manage rules, integrations, or the templates sections.
  • They cannot invite or manage the roles of other users.
  • They can't view or manage the taxonomy managers (Tags, Properties, Labels, Customer Properties).

Subscription plan allowances

Only Owner, Admins and Collaborators count towards your subscription's user allowance. For example: if your account is charged for 6 "paid team members" it means you can assign an Admin or Collaborator role to up to 5 other users in your account. You can invite an unlimited number of read-only users.