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UserTesting for mid-market organizations

Quickly capture rich, video-based feedback to increase speed-to-market, adapt to changing customer needs, and grow into world-class brands.

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Empowering mid-market businesses to succeed

Finding a competitive edge in today’s crowded marketplace can be a challenge. Many mid-market organizations compete with much larger, well-equipped organizations. However, by leveraging customer feedback, mid-market organizations can efficiently utilize their resources and increase their speed-to-market, ensuring that they’re consistently exceeding customer expectations while differentiating themselves from their competitors—big or small.

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Adapt and differentiate with UserTesting

Evernote case study

Customer Story


How Evernote increased user retention by 15%

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Customer Story

The Philadelphia Inquirer

How The Philadelphia Inquirer increased mobile checkout by 68%.

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Customer Story


How FamilySearch stays connected with its customers around the world

Gain a competitive edge

Innovate and capture market share 

  • Conduct rapid, frequent testing to develop customer-driven solutions that get results
  • Gain deeper understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors through remote, live interviews
  • Differentiate from your digital strategy through competitive insight
  • Test your competitors to understand common likes or dislikes and use that insight to improve your products
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Increase speed-to-market

  • Discover customer pain points early and throughout the design process
  • Ensure product-market fit through consistent customer feedback throughout the development process
  • Design, build, and iterate with confidence, driven by customer feedback at every stage of development
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Adapt to changing customer needs

  • Recruit and schedule discovery interviews with your target audience
  • Accelerate sprints by iterating in hours, not weeks, through rapid customer feedback
  • Uncover opportunities to create new, differentiated experiences
  • Learn how your product stacks up vs. the competition
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Hear from your customers today, no experience required

Get started quickly with UserTesting templates to validate concepts, discover needs, and hear your customers’ thoughts on your products.
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    Competitive comparison

    Learn how customers feel about competitors and where you need an edge.

    Explore template
  • investigation icon

    Mobile app evaluation

    Assess critical app characteristics such as appearance, ease of use, and trust.

    Explore template
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    Prototype evaluation

    Observe users using a pre-production experience.

    Explore template

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