Live Conversation

Real-time audience feedback

Efficiently schedule and conduct live interviews with members of your target audience to engage directly with their experiences and explore feedback more thoroughly

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Gain a more thorough understanding of feedback

Connect with participants in a live video interview setting to dig deeper into responses. Ask follow up questions, prompt elaboration, and explore unexpected reactions.

Quickly get face-to-face time with your target audience

Within hours, book live interviews with your exact target audience from either your existing customer base or UserTesting’s expansive and diverse group of testers.

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Effortlessly share availability and schedule interviews

Save time with built-in, automated scheduling. Simply share your availability and wait for interview spots to fill. UserTesting handles the heavy lifting of syncing calendars and sending interview reminders.

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Easily create short, contextual summaries of findings

Make it easy for stakeholders to consume and understand the results of your findings. Sequence and annotate clips of key moments from interviews into bite-sized, highly informative insights.

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Quietly engage stakeholders with live audience feedback

Invite colleagues to join interviews while maintaining the integrity of audience feedback. Anyone can join as a hidden observer to ensure their presence won’t impact the truthfulness of responses.

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UserTesting + Zoom

Seamlessly host live interviews with anyone

UserTesting partners with Zoom to ensure users can connect with anyone through its universally accessible web conferencing solution. UserTesting’s machine learning capabilities generate customer insights from recordings provided by Zoom technology.

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