Live Conversation: On-demand, real-time human insights

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In a single day, know what your customers are thinking

Live Conversation is an integrated solution that makes it straightforward and fast to conduct live interviews with consumers. You secure the insights to make better decisions faster, and create products that your customers will love:


    No-hassle automatic scheduling and recruitment of live video interviews

    Lead time as little as one business day, far faster than traditional interviews and focus groups

    You choose the demographics and schedule, we do the rest

    It’s great for prototype tests, discovery interviews, and testing marketing concepts

Live customer interviews – without all the hassle

With automatic scheduling, Live Conversation allows you to conduct live customer interviews with just one business day lead time. Walk through prototypes or marketing concepts, observing verbal and non-verbal cues to uncover pain points.

Live Conversation Interview Example

Speed up your critical business processes with Live Conversation

  • Product teams

    Product teams

    • Accelerate your discovery process: Discovery interviews are now a breeze
    • Get feedback on sketches and prototypes during a sprint. Cut development costs and secure feedback right at the start.
    • Make everyone in your team a customer expert
  • Marketing teams

    Marketing teams

    • Increase the success rate of your AB tests by pre-vetting variants with customers
    • Quickly get feedback on comps and messages
    • Understand consumer attitudes and sentiment on any number of topics
  • UX teams

    UX teams

    • Free yourself from the agony of scheduling user interviews
    • Easily get customer reactions to sketches and prototypes
    • Empower anyone in the organization to interview customers, so you can focus on the most generative work

Learn how Live Conversation adds human insight to everyday decisions