Test ideas and prototypes

Prototype evaluation

Observe users using a pre-production experience
prototype evaluation

What you'll learn

1. How to quickly gather perspectives from customers to get proof of concept before a project is complete

2. How to identify areas for improvement

3. Validation of your product-market fit and decisions to verify that there's a need for your product or experience

4. Existing points of friction in your designs that need to be addressed to improve the user experience

Hear from our customers

Insurance brokerage and advisory company Willis Towers Watson was assigned an idea for its annual hackathon. Exploring the concept of a commuter reimbursement mobile app, the team interviewed stakeholders and sketched designs—but didn’t stop there. In need of quick feedback due to a tight deadline, the team turned to UserTesting for the first time. Validating their prototype with contributors, they received indispensable feedback, changing the app’s interface for the better.

Armed with UserTesting highlight reels, the team won first place in the hackathon. But even better, the benefits of user feedback persuaded leadership that their prototype deserved to be more than an idea—turning into an actual product.


Forrester: UserTesting delivers a 665% ROI over three years

A recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study, conducted by Forrester on behalf of UserTesting, illustrates how organizations using the UserTesting Human Insight Platform can realize $2.03M in value and 665% in ROI over a three-year period.

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