Evernote + UserTesting

Read how Evernote boosted usability testing to make organizing notes an effortless experience
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Industry: Technology
Company Size: Medium
Role: Product Manager, Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About Evernote

Evernote is helping the world remember everything by building innovative products and services that allow individuals to capture, find, and interact with their memories.

Evernote achieved

More actionable insights
Increased user engagement
Increased user retention


Evernote helps customers capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere and on any device. The company operates with a rapid development process, shipping general releases to the public every six weeks.

How could they run usability studies to support product cycles without breaking the budget?


Evernote turned to UserTesting to leverage their diverse on-demand network of study contributors to gain a thorough understanding of where users encounter challenges within their apps, and even how their hands move as they tap, swipe, and rest.

This revealed immediately actionable insights that revealed where to focus efforts to improve user experiences.


As a result, UserTesting is now a key part of Evernote’s product development cycle. Evernote's teams now launch studies as often as they need.

Securing fast feedback with actionable insights has raised the team’s confidence in their decision making and allows them to launch more effective, easy-to-use, and enjoyable products. User retention is up over 15% and user engagement has significantly increased as well. With UserTesting, the team can repeat the process to gain deeper human empathy and continuously improve every aspect of their customer experiences.

Sr. UX Manager, Evernote

"We promise Evernote users they can take notes anywhere and nothing falls through the cracks. UserTesting helps us keep that brand promise."