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Six UX Lessons Learned from the New Facebook App, Paper

  • Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Nice post Stef. Interesting that Facebook launched Facebook Paper on iPhone. Maybe because of the relative flop that Facebook Home on Android or may Facebook is looking for early acceptance from the Apple demographic.

    Any word on if/when a Paper app for Android will be available? It would be great if Facebook Creative Labs combined the more robust messaging capabilities of Home with Facebook Paper for Android. Thanks for sharing.

    • stef miller

      Thanks Rick! There is a lot of speculation around if (and when!) an Android version will be available. My guess is they will wait to see if the demand is there, and may even need to build out their Creative Labs team to make it happen.

      While I was personally happy to see Messenger capabilities incorporated for this first release, I definitely think there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to sharing content with connections. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  • josep2

    Glad to see so many people enjoying paper. I can’t say I’ve used the app more than once.

    • Hannah Alvarez

      Hi josep2, what were your thoughts on the app? Did you have specific problems with it, or did you just lose interest? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      • josep2

        It mostly didn’t have the news sources/ topics I was looking for. I thought the gestures and feel was cool, but nothing in the app kept me there for consuming news, and I don’t like access to Facebook from mobile anyway. I only use Facebook to share articles I write, so in the end it wasn’t too useful to me.

  • users-arent-right

    What people say does not equal what they do.

    • Utkarsh Agarwal

      Exactly what i was thinking. What i’ve observed is that quite a lot of people who loved the Paper app, liked it as it was the new “shiny object”. Eventually the excitement wore off and people stopped using it.

      What i’d like to see are stats on how many people are still actively using it and what the drop has been.