How to run research in Agile sprints

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Reduce churn and move things along more quickly

In May of 2018, Forrester Research shared "Agile product teams complete substantial work without user experience testing, either leading to lower quality products or rework that increased expenses and delayed launch.”  

User research is often incorrectly perceived as too slow, and many Agile teams are not running research within or alongside Sprints, and therefore run the risk of delivering poor digital experiences. However, user research can be fast and nimble if you run the right type of research at the right time.  

The good news for anyone working in Agile, or even those just thinking about it, is that embedding research into Sprints is not difficult if you take the right approach. 


In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Commonly perceived barriers to agile research
  • How to make research happen in Agile
  • What agile UX research looks like
  • Real life scenarios from AIG and a popular UK Supermarket
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