Design, build, and iterate quicker with insights

Collect feedback on any experience, analyze results, and share findings while saving time and reducing the cost of rework.

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Gather feedback at the speed of your building cycle

Get started quickly with UserTesting templates to validate concepts, discover needs, and hear your customers’ thoughts on your products.

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    Needs and frustrations discovery

    Identify opportunities to improve customer experiences or activities.

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    Website evaluation

    Assess critical website characteristics such as appearance, ease of use, and trust.

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    Prototype evaluation

    Observe users using a pre-production experience.

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    Mobile app evaluation

    Assess critical app characteristics such as appearance, ease of use, and trust.

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    Concept validation and testing

    Get candid feedback or validation to help evaluate a new concept or idea.

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Build better, validated products quicker with insights

Product and design teams need to quickly validate new ideas, features, and offerings to innovate successfully, ensure product market fit, and avoid rework. Without customers’ perspective, these teams often end up using time and resources to build features their customers don't love or use. UserTesting provides a fast way to collect feedback on any experience, analyze results, and share findings without sacrificing time or risking expensive rework.

Innovate faster with insights from target customers

Gather feedback on new offerings and save time collecting insights from your customers.

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Identify key moments in your customer’s journey

Discover pain points, frustrations, and opportunities to better solve the needs of your customer.

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Uncover the insights necessary to reduce the risk of rework

Validate the product-market fit of early designs and prototypes before investing money and time into building.

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Customer Stories

Empowering your entire organization to succeed

See how UserTesting helps you see, hear, and talk to your customers remotely to ensure all teams understand their needs and perspectives.

Customer story


How Canva uses human insight to make design accessible to everyone

Customer story

Adobe Photoshop

How UserTesting helps Adobe improve its iconic Photoshop product

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