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Athletic Greens + UserTesting

Check out how the makers of AG1, the all-in-one health drink, blend a marketing message that customers love
Athletic Greens
Industry: Food and beverage, Retail and ecommerce, Health and fitness
Company Size: Small
Role: Designer, Marketer
Customer Type: B2C

About Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens, founded in 2010 by CEO Chris Ashenden, is known for its flagship product, AG1, a powder that can be made into a drink with 75 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients meant to boost health and energy. AG1 is a foundational daily nutrition drink that is formulated to support normal energy, immunity, digestive health, and brain function. In January of 2022, Athletic Greens received additional funding of $115 million at a company valuation of $1.2 billion.

Athletic Greens achieved

Increase in online checkouts
Health and flavor descriptions that resonate with visitors
Successful rebrand with clear communications


McKenna Rowe, Director, Product Design, at Athletic Greens had worked with UserTesting prior to joining Athletic Greens. She understood that video-based insights from UserTesting contributors would help the brand address important marketing and design challenges. A few key initiatives include:

  • Brand perception: How does the Athletic Greens brand resonate with prospects who are unfamiliar with AG1?
  • Customer education: How can Athletic Greens help people better understand health concepts and recognize AG1’s unique value compared to competitor products?
  • Content strategy: How does content on the website serve visitors—and can it help retain existing customers? 100% of AG1 sales occur via the company website!
  • Usability: Are the user interfaces and experiences on the website intuitive and enjoyable for visitors?

Solution and outcome

Brand perception

Athletic Greens rebranded AG1’s product packaging and completely redesigned the company website. 

Customers love the sharp new brand. But the organization needed to ensure that consumers recognize the value of the product—and feel drawn to it—rather than simply appreciate AG1’s new look. UserTesting contributors helped Athletic Greens understand how to communicate clearly about packaging options for purchase, including eco-friendly pouches or individual serving packets, which are convenient for customers who travel. 

UserTesting contributors also reviewed the new Athletic Greens website. The company learned that, although the relaunched brand made a positive impression, they could more effectively communicate the benefits of AG1 by using the website to educate their customers and potential customers.

Customer education

Athletic Greens’ Product Marketing team runs research sprints to see and hear customer insight regarding taglines and website copy that explain the value of AG1. This has proven to be particularly helpful where Athletic Greens has pivoted from writing about the product’s overall health value to the bioavailability of the nutrients in the product.

    Here are some examples of instructive feedback Athletic Greens received from contributors:

    • People enjoyed reading about the per-portion price of AG1, as opposed to simply seeing the monthly cost 
    • Athletic Greens’ shift away from a focus on athletes to more ‘normal people’ in their marketing imagery resonated with visitors 
    • Visitors appreciated learning how AG1 differs from other nutritional supplements—it’s nine products in one, and a powerful probiotic. They noted that a better understanding of the product’s health benefits would help them consider replacing a full spectrum of supplements with the AG1 formula

    Content strategy 

    In response to customer concerns around the taste of the product, Athletic Greens had contributors review descriptions of the AG1 flavor profile. They provided opinions about flavor descriptions and critiqued recipes that explain how AG1 tastes when mixed into smoothies or other drinks.


    UserTesting contributors tested the proposed UI/UX for the new Athletic Greens website. This gave the Product Design team a better understanding of the customer experience before running A/B testing on a wide variety of web pages. In the end, those insights from contributors helped lead to a 5% increase in online checkout rates. The website doesn’t just look great, it works properly for visitors.

    Grace Pawlowski
    Sr. Manager, Product Marketing & Customer Strategy, Athletic Greens
    “We found through UserTesting that we weren’t doing a good enough job explaining the value of our product and what it can do for you. Having people do that for you can be hugely beneficial.”
    McKenna Rowe
    Director, Product Design, Athletic Greens
    “UserTesting helps us constantly refocus on what customers want and need. It makes them the center of our universe. We never get stuck with our own assumptions. Contributors are so forthcoming with helpful feedback and citing other digital brands who do things well.”