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When you make money online by sharing your unique perspective, you're also helping organizations like these create better products and experiences for their customers. Check out each customer story to learn what kinds of tests contributors took to help these organizations create better products and experiences while earning money online.

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Contributors help WestJet reduce stress and anxiety of travel during the pandemic

Early in the pandemic, changes to air travel impacted traveler confidence. With the help of UserTesting contributors, WestJet gathered feedback about their website and apps to make sure their guests understood what to expect during air travel.

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UserTesting contributors are critical in helping Microsoft deliver better products

Microsoft has used feedback from UserTesting contributors to make decisions about everything from their advertising to Xbox game development since 2014. Hearing directly from consumers who use their products regularly has allowed the teams at Microsoft to better understand their needs, improve experiences, and ultimately deliver products that consumers love.

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UserTesting contributors helped make sure the shoe fit with Rothy’s website redesign

UserTesting contributors helped the popular shoe brand update its ecommerce website to better meet the needs and preferences of its customers. Using feedback from contributors, Rothy’s was able to create a shopping experience that its customers loved to use.

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UserTesting contributors helped Code for America improved its communications system

Contributors were instrumental in helping Code for America improve its communication system. By reaching a more diverse audience of contributors, Code for America was able to capture the unique perspectives of contributors from across the country, all at the same time. Those insights helped the team revise its website and app to better meet the needs of the people using them—something that would’ve been impossible without the help of contributors.

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UserTesting contributors help ATB Financial make banking easy for its customers

Contributor feedback helps ATB Financial keep its products and services focused on the customer and able to quickly adapt to meet their ever-changing financial needs.

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UserTesting contributors helped Skyscanner adapt to a quickly-changing world

Skyscanner relied on UserTesting contributors to gain a deeper understanding of its customers from around the world. Thanks to contributors, Skyscanner is able to keep its finger on the pulse of traveler sentiments at a moment’s notice.

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