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Rescue retail and ecommerce budgets by getting buyer feedback

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Have you ever launched a campaign or digital experience and it didn't perform like you thought it would? Without in-person testing, retail and ecommerce teams are left guessing as to why buyers are or aren't converting. 

Access this free online guide to see how the top retail and ecommerce brands leverage the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to make better decisions to improve their digital experience and increase conversions. 

By getting feedback regularly and validating projects before launch, digital teams make minor improvements to their existing journeys that, over time, will: 

  • Decrease cost per acquisition
  • Increase website conversions
  • Increase average order value
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Improve email performance rates

In this online guide, learn how to increase conversions by getting video feedback at every stage of the buyer journey. Get ideas on where to start with pre-made templates created by research experts for retail and ecommerce teams to quickly move the needle. See how easy it is to vet, validate, and optimize projects, campaigns, and digital assets before wasting budget or time. Plus, get feedback on in-store experience like wait times, customer service, accessibility, and more. 

Learn from brands already leveraging the Human Insight Platform like Burberry, Everypaw, Rothy's, Krikey, Walmart, Purina, Dick's Sporting Goods, HP and more. 

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