Sustainability perception testing

Understand customer expectations and sentiment about sustainability
Business people's hands holding flower for sustainability

Pre-built templates are helpful if you are trying to better understand evolving customer perspectives on sustainability, want to expand to various product offerings or want to optimize your current experience for customers sustainability expectations. Designed by research experts, UserTesting templates provide out-of-the-box sample questions that can be used as-is or customized to fit an organization’s exact testing requirements. 

Sustainability is becoming a key area of focus for consumers when they think about which companies and brands they support. These templates provide companies with the opportunity to better understand expectations, emotions, needs and frustrations about sustainability and bring human insights into consideration when developing ideal experiences and brand identity. 


Use these templates to:

  1. Learn how consumers purchase and use sustainable products in their daily lives
  2. Understand evolving consumer needs and expectations for sustainable products and services
  3. Improve clarity and efficacy of sustainability program and environmental impact communications


Understand how customers perceive sustainability-focused products, programs, and companies...