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Landing page conversions

Optimize conversions with insights about what motivates your customers
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What you'll learn

1. The strengths of a competitor’s landing page to find opportunities for a competitive advantage

2. Potential improvements to your landing page based off points of friction

3. Whether customers are effectively moving through your purchase funnel or not

4. Points of confusion or clarity while contributors complete a flow

Hear from our customers

Online gambling company Betway Group realized that their customers preferred using their mobile app over their website. Aiming to boost the percentage of customers who download the Android app in two targeted regions, Betway needed to leverage external landing pages. UserTesting’s contributors pointed out that the website’s language was overly technical while pop-up messages caused hesitation. Armed with this new insight, Betway created a new landing page dedicated to app downloads—seeing an increase in app downloads by 600 percent in the regions they were targeting. And internally, realizing the impact of CX, Betway’s various departments have increasingly asked for more human insight.


Forrester: UserTesting delivers a 665% ROI over three years

A recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study, conducted by Forrester on behalf of UserTesting, illustrates how organizations using the UserTesting Human Insight Platform can realize $2.03M in value and 665% in ROI over a three-year period.

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