How It Works

UserTesting provides on-demand usability testing.

  • You create the test and we’ll get the testers.
  • We let you “look over the shoulder” of your target audience while they use your website, so you can see and hear where users get stuck and why they leave.
  • 1 Create Your Test

    • Decide what you want to test. You can test anything!
      • Shopping cart/checkout
      • Landing pages
      • Competitors’ sites Prototypes
    • Describe the tasks you want users to complete on your site or app. Write your own, or choose from our Popular Tasks.
  • 2 We Notify Your Target Market


    Select participants from our large user panel, specifying demographics to screen for your target audience


    Run tests with your own customers


    Run tests with visitors intercepted live on your website

  • 3 Get Feedback in an Hour

  • 4 Share With Your Team

    • Edit, annotate, make clips and download videos
    • Combine your favorite clips into a highlights reel
    • Email highlights to colleagues