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Just a few of the things you can test

  • Your website

    Learn the “why” behind your KPIs like conversion rate and cart abandonment rate, and learn what you can do to improve them.

  • Longitudinal tests

    See how users’ behavior changes over time. See everything (or almost everything) they do from beginning to end.

  • A/B test variations

    Learn why certain versions win, and what to test next.

  • Reactions to photos

    Learn which photos sell your products the best or evoke the right emotions for your brand.

  • Your competition

    Let unbiased users tell you how your competition is doing, and how your company compares.

  • Searching for an app

    Watch real users search for your app (or similar apps), and learn what’s behind their decisions.

  • Landing pages

    You’ve spent money to drive people to your landing pages. Find out why some prospects aren’t converting.

  • Searching Google for your site

    Learn how visitors interact with Google to discover your site. What do they search for? What do they expect in a landing page?

  • Your Facebook Page

    Your customers spend 27% of their time on social media. How do they feel about your Facebook presence?

  • Prototypes

    Test early in the design process to keep costs down and bring your app or site to market faster.

  • Games

    Test your game to make sure it’s fun and engaging!

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