Why UX matters in gaming and top 3 essentials when designing your game

September 23, 2021 | 45 minutes

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Gaming provides people from all walks of life with much-needed moments of connection and entertainment, as well as moments of solitude when each is seemingly nonexistent.

Developers and game designers are under huge pressure to create new experiences faster. With apps losing 77% of users within the first 3 days after install and shrinking attention spans, you don’t get many chances to captivate an audience and keep them coming back. Ensure that you get it right when your game launches and understand player expectations at every stage of their journey (even beyond the gameplay experience).

Join Alexis Miller, Director of Product Management at Schell Games, and Daniele Hohol, Sr. Product Manager at UserTesting for part one of this UX in gaming webinar series. Alexis and Daniele will delve into why UX matters in gaming design and offer tips on gathering user feedback throughout the entire gaming experience.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How to learn whether your game's superhero looks more like a hero or villain
  • How Schell Games achieved #1 top seller status in the Oculus Quest store for their recent game, I Expect You to Die 2, and the UserTesting plan that got them there
  • Key essentials on how to build a test and create gaming experiences that delight and inspire

Alexis Miller

Schell Games
Director of Product Management

Daniele Hohol

Sr. Product Manager