Metaverse: what’s next for customer experience


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Staying one step ahead of the competition sometimes means treading into uncharted territory. Whether your organization is planning to enter the Metaverse market or not, it’s certainly a hot topic with consumers and brands alike. And with good reason—the Metaverse is predicted to reach as much as $800B by 2024.

While this may feel like a whole new world, you’re probably more prepared than you think. Just like you’ve done with your mobile, digital, and in-person experiences, you can design, build, and iterate your way into the Metaverse. Stay one step ahead of the curve by listening to your customers and planning out your next moves, guided by empathy and human insight.

Join Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insight Officer, along with an expert industry panel from KrikeyInsight Enterprises, and Facebook Reality Labs for an open conversation about what’s next for customer experience and the Metaverse. The path to get there won’t be much different than the one you’re on today—listening to your customers.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn what great customer experience looks like in the Metaverse
  • Get an idea of how companies are starting to think about where they’ll fit in the Metaverse
  • Get a chance to ask your questions
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