The dawn of experience research and how we got here



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How keeping pace with customer expectations led to a mixed methods category

Since publishing UserTesting’s Experience Research Report Survey in 2013, the industry has changed from a discipline that needed to be explained convincingly to stakeholders to a valuable investment with an increasing budget. 

Today, the industry is known as experience research—a category born out of the need to mix research methodologies to promote innovation, reduce organizational risk, and jumpstart customer experience. 

Join Dana Bishop, VP of Experience Research Strategy, and Lija Hogan, Principal, Customer Experience Consultant, as they dive into how the experience research industry has come to be over the last 10 years, including insights from this year’s survey: 

  • Demand for experience research continues to increase: Survey results show test frequency has nearly doubled from 2013 to 2023. Learn more about how teams are getting creative to keep up.
  • The value of experience research grows as more teams leverage it across organizations: Research professionals report that their peers are acknowledging their importance more and more and the wide-ranging benefits of research. 
  • Organizations get more systematic with human insight: The survey revealed that the discipline of user testing and user research has matured and grown in the past ten years. To get the most value from experience research, teams are increasing, and ResearchOps functions are being added to support them.

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Dana Bishop

VP of Experience Research Strategy
Lij Hogan

Lija Hogan

Customer Experience Consultant