Unlock the 3 keys to successfully build digital products and experiences

May 18th, 2023

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Build better products and improve your product delivery process 

Ever wonder how the most successful and innovative organisations build exceptional digital products and experiences at such a rapid pace? As 80% of new products and experiences fail, we have put together this seminar to share the 3 key tips to create success when building digital products.

Join UserTesting’s Solution Consultants, Naksha Ruiz Ghirardelli and Tom Charteris as they share practical, real-life examples of how the most innovative organisations consistently build exciting digital products at a rapid pace.

Join this session to learn:

  1. How to drive game-changing, and rapid innovation by failing early and learning fast 
  2. How you can start embedding customer insights into your existing workflows
  3. How to become customer value driven to maximise business impact and ROI


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Naksha Ruiz Ghirardelli

Solutions Consultant, EMEA

Tom Charteris

Senior Solutions Consultant, EMEA