Making the case for content testing in your organization

August 23rd, 2022 | 60 minutes

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Words are all around us. We interact with them, react to them, and respond to them, sometimes without even realizing it. Yet oftentimes, the words we use in our products and experiences aren’t tested with the same scrutiny and vigilance as we would a product's overall usability, for example.

If you’re someone who works with words in the experiences you create, this three-part series is for you. Over three, high-level sessions, we’ll dive right into everything you need to get organizational buy-in for testing your content experiences, to benchmarking your results so you can track improvements over time (and prove the ROI of your efforts), to sharing the results of your content testing with the rest of your team and championing a customer-centric culture within your organization or team.

In this first session, special guest Bobbie Wood, co-founder, and CEO of the UX Content Collective is joined by UserTesting’s Manager of UX Writing, Lynne Robertson to share all their tips and tricks for making the case for testing your content.

If you’re not currently testing your content and need some help convincing your team, or if you’d like to roll out testing to more teams within your organization, join this lively discussion with two content pros to learn how to:

  • Engage stakeholders
  • Testing throughout your design and development cycle
  • Best practices for testing your content designs and UX writing
  • Pull it all together to make your case for testing content


Bobbie wood

Bobbie Wood

UX Content Collective
CEO and Co-Founder

Lynne Robertson

Manager, UX Writing