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Designing app experiences that convert

How Costa Coffee integrates user insights across the design and development process

Take a deep dive into Costa Coffee’s design and development processes that improve the user experiences of coffee-lovers in the “Costa Coffee To Go” app, and the digital tools like UXCam and UserTesting that support them. 

Learn from Dave Adamson (Sr. Manager Global Digital Experience at Costa Coffee) and Daniel Tomlinson (Sr. Manager Global Digital Analytics at Costa Coffee) and get insights into Costa Coffee’s app experiences and see how the team optimised their registration flow, customer reward program, and other initiatives.  

You’ll take away:  

  • How Costa Coffee increased app registrations by 15% by simplifying the sign-on process 
  • How Costa Coffee collects quantitative and qualitative user insights to improve app experiences at scale 
  • Insights into Costa Coffee’s digital organization, design and product development processes  

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This webinar is organised in collaboration with Costa Coffee and UXCam. Click here to view the privacy policy.

Upcoming Webinar

Designing app experiences that convert


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Daniel Tomlinson
Daniel Tomlinson
Costa Coffee
Sr. Manager Global Digital Analytics
Dave Adamson Costa Coffee
Dave Adamson
Costa Coffee
Sr. Manager Global Digital Experience Design
Aileen Klaile UserTesting
Aileen Klaile
Regional Marketing Manager EMEA
Peter Gardus UXCam
Peter Gardus
VP of Marketing