Comparing the digital experience of the top 5 U.S. banks

February 28, 2023

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Giving customers a great digital experience is a moving goalpost. Just when you think you've nailed it, the bar rises higher. That's why we asked 1500 digital banking consumers to use the websites of the top five U.S. banks, share their perspectives, and rate their experiences. Results show there's still room for improvement. In this webinar, you'll learn the following: 

  • How the top five U.S. consumer banking experiences stack up against each other
  • What participants love, like, and dislike about current digital banking experiences
  • Where digital banking experiences fall short and how to improve them

Discover where the bar sits for excellent customer experience in the banking industry with UserTesting's Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes, and Dani Niro, Head of Delivery at Citizens Bank. Together, they share findings, dive into how the top U.S. banks meet and exceed today's banking consumers' high expectations, and explore opportunities to push the bar higher.


Janelle Estes

Chief Insights Officer

Dani Niro

Citizens Bank
Head of Delivery

Mike Perkowski

New Reality Media, LLC
Co-Founder and Partner