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Empower digital product teams to build better experiences

Today, digital product teams are rethinking their approach to customer experience. Prompted by a shift to customer-centricity, digital product teams are shifting their focus from creating new features and products to iterating their existing digital experience to drive value for customers. 

In part one of the UserTesting and Quantum Metric Impact webinar series, “Driving impact across your digital product experience,” gain a deeper understanding of how empathy and insight solutions empower digital product teams to build better experiences. 

Join expert guest speaker Michelle Cordero, Director of Site Experience at Constant Contact, as she details how Constant Contact creates customer-centric experiences by continuously optimizing their digital buyer journey with rapid user feedback. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn the following: 

  • The process for continuous testing, iteration, and optimization
  • How to leverage user feedback to drive business outcomes
  • Tips for getting internal buy-in and driving strategy with user insights

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On-Demand Webinar

Empower digital product teams to build better experiences

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Michelle Cordero
Constant Contact
Director, Site Experience

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