Expanding unmoderated use cases: Empathy card sorting and preference sketching

July 28, 2022 | 40 minutes

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As the pandemic continues and the digital divide grows, understanding your customers is more important than ever. Activities oriented towards tapping into your customers’ emotions - such as having customers map out what an ideal experience would look like - help bridge this divide by allowing your organization to feel your experiences alongside your customers.

While typically the purview of moderated, live studies, these activities can also be done asynchronously via unmoderated tests. Join Solutions Consultant, Lawrence Williams, as he explains how two methods - Empathy Card Sorting and Preference Sketching - can be used to deepen your understanding of your customers. Through an unconventional use of information architecture (IA) testing methods, you’ll leave empowered to connect with your customers in novel but repeatable ways.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Empathize and co-create with your customers in an unmoderated test via card sorting and sketching
  • Incorporate empathy card sorting and preference sketching in existing test plans to deepen your understanding of your customers
  • Obtain rich yet actionable insights by leaning in to your customers’ emotions


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Lawrence Williams

Solutions Consultant