Mastering the human approach to marketing: you can’t know what you don't understand

September 16, 2021 | 60 minutes

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Human understanding is the key to creating experiences that will both move people and move the needle to drive business. A common mistake many marketers make is reducing their customers to metrics. To get it right the first time in today’s landscape of constantly changing consumer expectations, marketers need to rely less on data points collected once a campaign is launched or over, and more on customer insight gathered upfront, even before a campaign is put into market.

The key to a more human approach to marketing is to elevate the unfiltered and earnest perspective from a customer. If you're making decisions that impact the customer merely with data alone, you're missing the whole customer truth. The real customer perspective that can help you improve and optimize your marketing effectiveness lies in the insight you glean through interacting and engaging with them from the beginning through to the end.

Join UserTesting's Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Huff and Constellation Research VP and Principal Analyst, Liz Miller as they discuss:

  • The customer data fallacy; why (and when) you need to listen to your customers
  • Finding your customer’s voice; understanding the difference between simply capturing and really listening to your customers, and how to bring their voices, reactions, and emotions into the marketing equation so they feel heard
  • The benefits of a test and learn marketing culture
  • Why it's ok to be uncomfortable with customer feedback

Michelle Huff

Chief Marketing Officer

Liz Miller

Constellation Research
VP & Principal Analyst