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Measuring the value of your design team’s research & insights

Part 2 of webinar series

Good designs create better experiences for customers, but design teams can lack metrics tying design impact to customer experiences, and ultimately to ROI. How can designers and design leaders prove their design solutions provide value to the company and the customer experience?

Join Jason Giles, VP, Product Design and Brian Hoadley, Transformation Consultant at kreatechange, as they share best practices for design teams to quantify the value of their research and insights and how to connect it back to tangible business objectives.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to translate UX metrics to business KPIs
  • How to demonstrate design ROI and quantify the value of well-designed customer experiences
  • How to track your design impact and how to showcase it

On-Demand Webinar

Measuring the value of your design team’s research & insights

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Jason Giles
Jason Giles
VP Product Design
Brian Hoadley
Brian Hoadley
Co-host of the Being Liminal Podcast
Transformation Consultant - Digital Product, Research and Design

Series overview

This webinar is Part 2 of a 3-part series for Unlocking human centered design in 2024. Learn about what was covered in part 1, and watch in on-demand and get a sneak peak into what's coming up next in June to close out the series.

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5 keys to reducing design rework with fast customer feedback

Part 1 - Watch on-demand

The first webinar in this series was; 5 keys to reducing design rework with fast customer feedback, listen in as Jason Giles, VP, Product Design and Jocelyn Huelsman, Senior UX Research Consultant at UserTesting discuss how UX and Product Designers can help their organizations build products and experiences faster with less risk, while becoming more strategic and integral to the PDLC process. 

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Testing early and often & UX benchmarking

Part 3 - Upcoming in June

In this interactive virtual workshop we'll be rolling our sleeves up to get tactical on how to implement a framework for embedding customer insights not only earlier in the PDLC but often. You’ll leave the workshop with a tangible starter plan outlining how to implement this framework as well as a simple 3-step process for getting started with UX benchmarking to connect your design team’s UX programs to business outcomes. More details and agenda to come.