Powering your startup with a customer-centric approach

July 8, 2021 | 45 minutes

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Key stakeholders at start-ups know that being customer-centric is critical to their overall success. However, being customer-centric goes far beyond simply having a strong FAQ section on your website and hiring a speedy customer support rep or two to the team. Responding to problems that customers might have is one thing, but being proactive about really understanding your customers to better meet their needs and provide valuable experiences is table stakes when it comes to accelerating growth in a startup.

Join Jason Stanley, Head of Insights at Local Logic and one of UserTesting’s Solutions Consultants, Eli Suzuki-Gill, for an insightful one-on-one discussion covering key topics around incorporating customer feedback into your processes, whether it be discovery, design, product development, or go-to-market strategy.

Jason and Eli dive into best practices for how to be proactive in getting to the bottom of what matters most with your users and aligning teams on user feedback initiatives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What it truly means to be customer-centric and how empathy plays a critical role in driving growth
  • Initial steps you can take in moving towards a more customer-centric business model
  • How integrating user research into your workflow can help you avoid leaving the biggest growth opportunities on the table
  • What it means to democratize access to user feedback in your startup and why this is so important when it comes to aligning teams to better understand your customers

Jason Stanley

Head of Insights

Eli Suzuki-Gill

Solutions Consultant