Prioritizing research for impact

June 22, 2023


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If your team is being asked to do more with what you already have, you might ask yourself, how do I leverage my resources to make the most significant impact possible?

Knowing which projects truly deserve your energy is a critical skill in today’s environment. Ensure you and your team are working on the right thing at the right time to deliver the maximum impact possible—demonstrating why what you do is vital to the organization. 

Join Carol Rossi as she shares a simple framework your team can use to prioritize the right questions that drive critical decision-making. You’ll come away with the following:

  • Key considerations for triaging research projects including how to know when not to do research at all
  • A prioritization framework that’s simple and easy to customize for the needs of your organization
  • Coaching and communication strategies to help colleagues understand how to partner with your research team more effectively




Carol Rossi

User Experience Research Leadership Consulting
Lij Hogan

Lija Hogan

Customer Experience Consultant