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The foundation for delivering your digital experience strategy

Seamless digital experiences start with research and feedback at every stage of development. But it can be a monumental effort to manage how cross-functional teams collect data, analyze it, and share insights throughout product development.

Research leaders across all industries are embracing Research Operations to help them deliver practices that are efficient, ethical, scalable and impactful. After building a global ResearchOps team, Kate Towsey, Research Operations Manager at Atlassian, will share what it took to get there and how Ops has helped amplify research efficiency and its impact.

Tune in to learn:

  • The true impact of ResearchOps

  • Pros and cons of three primary operating models

  • How to embed these strategies into your organization’s culture

  • Tactics to drive your own ResearchOps efforts at your own scale

Kate Towsey

Kate Towsey

Research Operations Manager
Over the past three years, Kate Towsey has built a global Research Operations team for Atlassian that now looks after 350+ team members including researchers, designers, product managers and more.

Ann Rochanayon

Research Partner
Ann has 20 years of experience as a UX Research Consultant. She enjoys utilizing technology to enable companies make data-driven decisions to improve business outcomes.
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