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UserTesting Makes iOS Usability Testing Even Easier

UserTesting  |  April 29, 2015


The UserTesting iOS app testing solution is now even faster and easier to use. The updated iOS SDK delivers great new features and better testing of mobile games.

The UserTesting iOS SDK update includes:

  • One-time integration. We’ve made our SDK even easier with our one-time integration capability. Integrate the UserTesting SDK once, and we’ll ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date version whenever you upload a test.

  • Support for OpenGL. The updated UserTesting SDK can record OpenGL. Now you can user test any game that is built on the platform, meaning access to faster feedback turn-around and more demographic options.

  • More reliable app distribution. With this update, we’ve also improved our system to enhance app distribution. It’s now faster for participants to download and launch your app, so you can get feature validation more quickly.

  • Even simpler implementation. We’ve condensed the SDK integration process into just 3 steps. Your time is valuable, so we want you to spend it improving your product instead of integrating ours.

  • Successful integration confirmation. Once you’ve integrated the SDK you’ll get instant confirmation—we’ve eliminated the guesswork!

Wait, so what’s the UserTesting iOS SDK?

Great question! Our mobile recording technology enables anyone to get user feedback on their mobile apps, regardless of their location! Integrating our SDK within your iOS app means you can run UserTesting studies with users, anytime, anywhere.

Note, the SDK is not required for Android testing.

Haven’t used the mobile recorder for your app yet? Now’s a great time to try it.

Here’s just a few reasons why we think you’ll love it:

  • Get fast user feedback and feature validation

  • Easily test wireframes and prototypes before you code

  • See how your app is used in the wild, in users’ natural settings

  • Find out why people are or aren’t using your app

  • Better understand your users’ first-time experience

  • Gain a qualitative view of your analytics

  • Watch quality recordings of user’s screen interactions with their voice and gestures

  • Recruit your specific target demographic with our broad user panel

Ready to integrate the updated iOS SDK?

Learn how here or watch the video:

For more information about the UserTesting mobile recorder, check out our original product announcement or our Best Practices page. Find instructions for integrating the SDK here. And if you have any questions about the update or the mobile recorder, please contact us at

Get fast and easy user feedback on your app.

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