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Which Department Finds the Most Value in UX Research? 7,725 Professionals Weigh In

Spencer Lanoue  |  January 28, 2016

We’re in the midst of an emerging movement around building products, campaigns, and experiences based on continuous feedback from customers.

From November to December 2015, we asked the UX industry to participate in a 28-question survey. 7,725 professionals told us about their current situation and shared their thoughts on a range of topics like:

  • Which teams are using UX practices to impact their company’s bottom line?
  • What methodologies and tools are most popular?
  • Where are UX professionals spending their budget?
  • What does the future of the industry look like?

In our third annual UX Industry Survey, we sought to dig deeper into some of these trends and uncover more insights on how companies approach user experience (and customer experience).

We found that customer experience has become a growing focus for companies of all sizes, and that organizations are taking a more mature approach to collecting and utilizing customer feedback. Rather than just running surveys or user tests a couple times a year on a project-by-project basis, they’re making customer feedback a critical part of their product development process.

In fact, one of the questions we asked respondents was “Which team in your company finds the most value in UX research?” Here was their response, along with some insights on the important changes we’ve noticed from previous years.

Which team in your company finds the most value in UX research?

  Survey Results-08

This indicates that while UX research has traditionally been constrained to certain individuals or teams within a single department in any given company, teams of all kinds are starting to discover the value of evaluating and measuring the user experience they provide.

Compared to our survey results last year, there was a much more even distribution between Marketing, Product, and UX teams in 2015. This suggests that marketers and product teams may be weaving customer feedback into their processes more extensively than in the past.

View the results from the full UX industry survey report

We’re excited to continue to provide pros like you with insights on where the industry is heading and what’s on the horizon for UX within product, marketing and design disciplines.

We invite you to explore the results of this survey, and please share your feedback with us on Twitter!

Check out the 2015 UX Industry Survey Report here!

P.S.  A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and shared their insight! Without you, this year’s Industry Survey wouldn’t have happened. And if our incredible boom of responses (almost three times as many participants as last year) says anything, the user experience community is thriving in today's ultra-connected multi-channel world.

A movement begins

In our third annual UX Industry Survey, we asked 7,700+ professionals to report on the current state of UX and share what direction their user experiences are taking in 2016.

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About the author:

Spencer Lanoue is a marketer who helps UX designers, PMs, and marketers make things people want.