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UserTesting partners with InVision to bring fast user feedback to leading design collaboration platform

| September 20, 2016
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At UserTesting, we believe customer insights should be part of every design and development process. So we’re excited to announce our partnership with InVision—to connect designers and developers with their users early in the development cycle!

The traditional methods for getting feedback on website and app prototypes are slow, expensive, and awkward. Now, with just a few clicks, InVision users can order a 5-minute micro test of an app, website, or prototype, from within InVision. They simply add an introduction and three tasks, and get video and audio feedback from real users within a couple of hours.

UserTesting has always made it easy for designers, developers, UX researchers, and product managers to incorporate user feedback throughout their development process. But now with prototype integration, web and app teams can make sure their designs are right before they even start to code. This helps prevent expensive rework later in the process.

How to get started

To run a micro test from within InVision, sign into your InVision account (even if you don’t already have a UserTesting account).

Open the prototype you’d like to test. Then click the User Test button and follow the prompts.


If you want to add more tasks or have more control over your demographics or other test requirements, full tests of InVision prototypes can be ordered through the UserTesting dashboard. For detailed instructions on how to test prototypes with UserTesting, see our Help Center.

For more information on the InVision integration, see the help document on InVision’s site here.

Note: Current UserTesting customers can continue to order full tests of prototypes from the UserTesting dashboard, a capability we added earlier this year.

User research is a critical part of building better products. Now with InVision and UserTesting, you can bring better, more informed research to your team’s entire product development process.