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New eBook: Measuring and Evaluating Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

New eBook: Measuring and Evaluating Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

UserTesting  |  June 01, 2015

When you hear the word “omnichannel,” a lot of definitions may come to mind, especially for retailers. Some say that it defines how we connect with customers across multiple channels, like desktop, mobile, and even advertising and marketing campaigns. Others view omnichannel as the interaction that customers have with a brand using various devices, locations, or methodologies.

At UserTesting, we believe that omnichannel encompasses all of those things, but it goes a bit further to emphasize the heart of it all: the customer.

The term alone, “omnichannel,” sounds daunting, as if a company is expected to know all things all the time about all its customers—past, present, and future. That’s a tall order. In many organizations, the mere mention of customers’ omnichannel experience elicits groans about budgetary restraints, impossible metrics, and questionable ROI.

But creating an excellent omnichannel customer experience doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Our newest eBook will help you understand the challenges that companies face with the modern consumer and offer actionable solutions to help you start moving in a direction that brings the omnichannel customer experience to the forefront of your company’s mission.

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