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SlideShare: Lessons Learned from Watching 200,000 User Testing Videos

Stef Miller  |  February 11, 2014

Grab the popcorn, fire up the big monitor, and call a meeting for your coworkers. In this SlideShare presentation, we share the seven most common usability issues on the web, complete with video examples.

We’ve watched hours (and hours!) of usability videos to support our research of UX best practices. From icon recognition to well-organized information architecture, this SlideShare presentation features many of the top priorities you should be considering when optimizing an online experience.Want to download the full eBook? Get it here.
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About the author:

Stef Miller is a former marketer at UserTesting, where she spent most of her time connecting people with content. Miller has worked for global corporations and teeny tiny studios, and believes that true happiness comes from collaborating with creative people to make awesome things happen.